perpustakaan fe-uii
jounal of finance 2011


APRIL 2011 – NO.2

  • Bankruptcy and the Collateral Channel EFRAIM BENMELECH and NITTAI K. BERGMAN
  • Public Information and Coordination: Evidence from a credit Registry Expansion ANDREW HERTZBERG, JOSE MARIA LIBERTI, and DANIEL PARAVISINI
  • Security Issue Timing: What Do Managers Know, and When Do They Know It? DIRK JENTER, KATHARINA LEWELLEN, and JEROLD B. WARNER
  • Private Equity and Long-Run Investment: The Case of Innovation JOSH LERNER, MORTEN SORENSEN, and PER STRoMBERG
  • Do Buyouts (Still) Create Value? SHOURUN Guo, EDITH S. HOTCHKISS, and WEIHONG SONG
  • The Joy of Giving or Assisted Living? Using Strategic Surveys to Separate Public Care Aversion from Bequest Motives JOHN AMERIKS, ANDREW CAPLIN, STEVEN LAUFER, and STIJN VAN NIEUWERBURGH
  • Corporate Governance, Product Market Competition, and Equity Prices XAVIER GIROUD and HOLGER M. MUELLER
  • The Interim Trading Skills of Institutional Investors ANDY PUCKETT and XUEMIN (STERLING) YAN
  • Institutional Trade Persistence and Long-Term Equity Returns AMIL DASGUPTA, ANDREA PRAT, and MICHELA VERARDO
  • Local Dividend Clienteles Bo BECKER, ZORAN IVKOVIe, and SCOTT WEISBENNER

JUNE 2011 – NO.3

  • The Internal Governance of Firms VIRAL V. ACHARYA, STEWART C. MYERS, and RAGHURAM G. RAJAN
  • Municipal Debt and Marginal Tax Rates: Is There a Tax Premium in Asset Prices? FRANCIS A. LONGSTAFF
  • Watch What I Do, Not What I Say: The Unintended Consequences of the Homeland Investment Act
  • Financial Distress and the Cross-section of Equity Returns LORENZO GARLAPPI and HONG YAN
  • Are All Inside Directors the Same? Evidence from the External Directorship Market RONALD W. MASULIS and SHAWN MOBBS
  • Estimation and Evaluation of Conditional Asset Pricing Models STEFAN NAGEL and KENNETH J. SINGLETON
  • The Illiquidity of Corporate Bonds JACK BAO, JUN PAN, and JIANG WANG
  • Intermediated Investment Management NEAL M. STOUGHTON, YOUCHANG WU, and JOSEF ZECHNER
  • Employee Stock Options and Investment ILONA BABENKO, MICHAEL LEMMON, and YURI TSERLUKEVICH
  • Do Individual Investors Have Asymmetric Information Based on Work Experience? TROND M. DOSKELAND and HANS K. HVIDE

AUGUST-2011 NO.4

  • Presidential Address: Discount Rates JOHN H. COCHRANE
  • Stressed, Not Frozen: The Federal Funds Market in the Financial Crisis GARA AFONSO, ANNA KOVNER, and ANTOINETTE SCHOAR
  • Systemic Liquidation Risk and the Diversity—Diversification Trade-Off WOLF WAGNER
  • Rollover Risk and Market Freezes VIRAL V. ACHARYA, DOUGLAS GALE, and TANJU YORULMAZER
  • Public Pension Promises: How Big Are They and What Are They Worth? ROBERT NOVY-MARX and JOSHUA RAUH
  • Who Drove and Burst the Tech Bubble? JOHN M. GRIFFIN, JEFFREY H. HARRIS, TAO SHU, and SELIM TOPALOGLU
  • Did Structured Credit Fuel the LBO Boom? ANIL SHIVDASANI and YIHUI WANG
  • Explaining the Magnitude of Liquidity Premia: The Roles of Return Predictability, Wealth Shocks, and State-Dependent Transaction Costs ANTHONY W. LYNCH and SINAN TAN
  • Individual Investors and Volatility THIERRY FOUCAULT, DAVID SRAER, and DAVID J. THESMAR
  • Are Options on Index Futures Profitable for Risk-Averse Investors? Empirical Evidence GEORGE M. CONSTANTINIDES, MICHAL CZERWONKO, JENS CARSTEN JACKWERTH, and STYLIANOS PERRAKIS

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