• Three Surprising Bargain Stocks ** Dynamic growth typically comes at a premium price.Butwe found a trio of undervalued companies worth betting on. BYJON BIRGER         ‘

            • Chipotle’s Growth Machine ** Founder Sfeve Ells has built a multibillion-dollar Mexican food chain by providing f resh meals fast. Can he do it again, this time with Asian cuisine? BY DAVID A. KAP LAN
            • Power Struggle ** Wyoming is an ideal place to generate electricity from wind. But getting currentfrom turbines to customers is a political and economic puzzle. BY KEN OTTER BOURG
            • Showdown on the Railroad ** With 90% of U.S. rail freight now controlled by only four companies, shippers claim the giants have become a car­tel.The railroads saythey’re a free market success story. An epic battle of business vs. business. BY MINA KIMES

Harvard Business Review, September 2011

  • Learning to Live with Complexity New strategies and tools to help leaders navigate today’s hyperconnected business world Gokge Sargut and Rita Gunther McGrath

  • Smart Rules: Six Ways to Get People to Solve*Problems Without You Most companies deal with a complex world by creating more processes and coordinating functions—which complicate work more. But there’s a simpler, and far better, approach: Mobilize individual intelligence on the ground. Yves Morieux
  • Embracing Complexity Nature’s solutions to complicated, challenging problems evolve with no leadership or strategic plan. What can managers learn from them? An interview with Legg Mason chief investment strategist Michael J. Mauboussin by Tim Sullivan

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