Majalah TIME bulan oktober hadir 3 edisi di perpustakaan, diantaranya edisi Steve Jobs Bos Apple’s yang baru saja tutup usia di Vol. 178 No. 15 / 2011, Inkarnasi lanjut dari Tibet’s di Vol. 177 No. 14 /2011, dan Setelah 10 tahun mengapa amerika tidak pernah bisa menyelamatkan Afganistan di Vol.178 No. 16 / 2011.


VOL. 177, NO. 14 / 2011


20 Divine Uncertainty

Beijing has long wanted to be rid of the Dalai Lama. It
should be careful what it wishes for by Hannah Beech

28 The Revolutionary Alternative

Cuba’s Catholic Church undergoes a social resurgence
by Tim Padgett

32 Learning from Glasgow

How Scotland’s toughest city tackles youth violence
by Jay Newton-Small

36 Moving to the Middle
Why the 0.3. must baulk its rising
income inequality by Jeffrey D. Sachs

38 Green Jobs, Red Ink

What happened to the solar Lompaii olyndra, and what
should the U.S. learn from it? by Michael Scherer

42 When Pills Aren’t Worth the Price
Why dig; turf supplements aren’t always a
healthy option by John Cloud


VOL. 178, NO. 15 / 2011

30 Steve Jobs, 1955-2011
Apple’s intense co-founder combined
art, ideas and technology to
create gadgets that revolutionized
industries and changed our lives
by Walter Isaacson

34 Inside Jobs

The great inventor in images
by Diana Walker

42 An American Genius
The most celebrated business executive
of his generation understood our needs.
But he wasn’t like us. He was better
by Lev Grossman and Harry McCracken


VOL. 178, NO. 16 / 2011

 22 Occupied Territories

The Occupy Wall Street movement is gaining
momentum. Is this a Tea Party moment for liberals?
by Michael Scherer

27 Brothers in Revolution

The common ties between Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring by Ayman Mohyeldin

28 The Real-Life Thriller

Inside Iran’s plot to bomb the Saudi embassy in
Washington by Massimo Calabresi

30 Lessons in Futility

Despite a decade of U.S. intervention, Afghanistan is still a nation on the brink by Aryn Baker

38 The Ellen Show
Nobel laureate and Liberian President
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf faces a tough bid for re-election
by Alex Perry and Karen Leigh

40 Eyeless in Gaza

Why Hamas has lost its way in the restive
Palestinian enclave by Karl Vick


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